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Power Voice Recorder is digital voice recording software for Windows that is ideal for those recording their own audio books or for dictation purposes. It provides an easy, intuitive, and simple way to record your voice that operates much like a traditional tape recorder. If you make a mistake in your recording, simply rewind back to the exact time you wish to resume recording from by using the visual waveform as your guide. Correcting and resuming your recording has never been easier. A comprehensive video tutorial demonstrates how to get the most out of the product. Prompt and professional customer support is provided for any product issues.

Power Voice Recorder main interface

Save Time and Effort

Power Voice Recorder enables you to easily zero-in on exactly where you would like to start re-recording from, down to one tenth of a second precision, so your recording will come out flawless every time. You can spend more time focusing on your recording and less time on time consuming editing.

Simple and Intuitive Design

Power Voice Recorder operates much like a traditional tape recorder, with a familiar set of controls that makes it instantly intuitive and simple to use. A visual representation of your voice makes it even easier and simpler to "erase" mistakes with minimal effort. You can accomplish more without having to learn complex audio editing software.

Timely Support

We get back to our customers Fast, providing quality support for product issues or questions. We also strive to make software better by making better software based on feedback and suggestions provided by our customers.

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